Friday, October 22, 2004

Seen and Heard

On the streetcar after work yesterday:
"Dude, that f'ing sucks. For how long? Do you have your own cell? That f'ing sucks. What's he in for? When is f'ing lockup? Dude."

On the streetcar, before work this morning:
A tarty chick was carrying a plastic doll dressed up like a newborn baby. She was carrying it as though it was a real baby. Her plastic baby would cry from time to time, a sound that resembled our lawn mower before it finally quit for good. "It's 40% of my mark," she explained to those around her. WTF?

At the Clinique counter:
Pore minimizing stuff. It's miraculous - words cannot explain. Go get it now. Go!

At work this morning, to Sister StaceyPatrick:
"What a ferocious week. Last Friday seems like four months ago."

Bonne fin de semaine!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I need a wife

I need someone in my life who can answer the following questions honestly:
"I feel skinny in this outfit. Am I wrong?"
"Is this skirt too summer-weight, or is it OK because it's black?"
"What is this thing on my lip?"
"Do you think I'm a nice person?"
"What is that smell?"

I am currently accepting applications, which should include your best recipes.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Who is the Greatest Canadian?

Select from this list, watch the show on CBC tonight, and vote! Sadly, I didn't make the top ten.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

What She Said

When one person manages to stay a little less drunk than her two friends, there's always trouble. Especially when that person transcribes parts of the drunk friends' conversation onto a blog. Sister Staceypatrick, who used to have a blog, did this to Icy and I on Friday night. Only a wee bit of what we discussed was recorded over here. As she said, you did have to be there. And I wish that you had been.

I love girls' night. Whereas the guys ate pizza and smoked cigarettes, Icy, Sister and I had roasted tomatoes, herbed fresh cheese, curry beef buns, colcannon, brie, roasted red pepper dip, and homemade ice cream from this guy, who I cannot say enough about. The colcannon rocked my world! I just ate the last of it, and I feel warm and cozy and happy, also because I'm not hungover any more.

Ah, girls' night. Let's do it again soon. I had the most fun!