Friday, January 02, 2004

All's Well that Ends Well
Happy New Year! I've just returned from an almost week-long vacation at the family cottage. I've unpacked and started laundry. All my clothes and the bedding smelled like wood smoke and curry, and were covered in cat hair. It was heavenly.

Aside from this very nasty hangover, I feel heavenly too. Or I will, as soon as I rehydrate. I am very optimistic about 2004. We had a really rotten 2003 - too much illness, job loss, increased debt, stress and sadness. This, however, is our lucky year. I just know it.

This is the year:
I meet Radmila
We finish the backyard
I have a lobster party for my birthday
We lose some weight
I finish that recipe book
I organize more girls' nights, at least one a month
I write more poems
We get a dog, or finally decide not to

I'm reading Anne Marie McDonald's The Way the Crow Flies. If anybody wants to learn about the first ten years of my life, go read the first 60 pages of this book. It describes life on an Air Force base so well that I remembered things I'd forgotten I once knew.

I also read Toni Morrison's Love, and Song of Solomon this week. I stand in awe of that woman.