Saturday, July 19, 2003

Fine, fine, it's not Friday, but here's The Five
Sheesh. Can't a girl take a day off to go to the Zoo and blow kisses at baby gorillas? The amazing little buddies pressed their lips up to the inch of glass that separated us from each other - they were kissing us! I placed my hand on the glass, and one baby gorilla flattened his remarkable hand onto mine. Even Mr. Crabby was moved. The baby polar bear was pretty cute too, and we watched the Sumatran tiger roar his head off right around dinner time. Go to the Zoo, OK? The otters get fed at 1:30, and it's quite a show, but the best time to go is between 4 - 7 pm, when all the families with kids have left.

1. When was the last time you played hookie?
For the record, I wasn't playing hookie - this was my Sunny Friday. The last time I remember blowing off work was last summer.

2. When was the last time you nicked something from your workplace?
I regularly go home with pens and pencils stuck in my hair. Most of the time I return them. But not always.

3. Assuming that you like what you are working at now, which other career path do you wish you'd pursued?
I realize now that I'd love to be a vetrinarian, but I wasn't exposed to animals or pets until my adulthood.

4. Are there any animals at your workplace?
Sadly, no. Just academics.

5. Do you work with other animal lovers?
Two or three people have cats and dogs, but it's not like where I used to work. At my old job, a voice mailed "Bigkitty's sick" or "Bigkitty's gone" meant they wouldn't see me for a day or two, no questions asked.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Clap Those Hairy Palms

Forget what the nuns told you about going blind. An Australian study has found that interfering with yourself is actually good for you - if you're a guy. It figures.

On a more serious note, my most favourite author died last night. I knew it was coming; she's been so sick for a long time. I devoured everything she's written. I believed she was someone I'd like to know, that we could be friends. Thanks Carol, especially for Larry's Party, and Unless. You changed everything.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Annals of Recruitment
Loyal lurkers and readers will remember the adventures I shared as I interviewed candidate after candidate last month. The search for my assistant was ultimately unsuccessful, so we're at it again. Here's the best of the lot so far:

Under Hobbies and Activities: "I like haiku, people watching in the rain, and free Diet Coke refills." (that's nice dear)
On Cover Letter: "I have two year experience in assist and one year experience in." (not proofreading)
"Dear Lynn Hartman" (not my name)
"Dear Sir" (definitely not my name)
"I am keenly interested in bringing my skills as a shipping clerk to you're firm." (I am?)
"I am have very good on using Words." (I promise I'm not making this up)
"I am a hard working and consociation individual." (huh?)
"I can work both independently and apart from a team." (?)
On Voice Mail: "Hello. Please call me back. I saw your job posting and would like to talk it over with you. I have some questions for you. Please call at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning." (message deleted, next message)

Monday, July 14, 2003

It appears that the key to a happy marriage is an allen key.

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things
day trips
quiet time to myself
naps with kitties
visits with friends

I had all of that and more this weekend, thanks in part to a hand-me-down gift certificate for a VIP tour of a Niagara winery, courtesy of Ice Queen. We packed for the day, zoomed down on the motorcycle, toured, sipped, and loitered. There was thunder and lightning, but beside us, not above us - quite dramatic. Otherwise, the weather was blue-sky, fluffy-cloud perfect and I didn't get helmet hair. Add in a pleasant Saturday evening chez SisterS, a stress-free visit with my mom and dad, and you get one wonderful, never-ending weekend. I can't believe it's Monday - but I'm OK with that.