Wednesday, October 13, 2004

With apologies to Picton, Ontario
Mr. Crabby and I attended this ultra-cool event called Taste in the town near our cottage on Saturday. Initially I turned my nose up at the possibility of a cultured, exciting, gastronomic “happening” in the trucker hat capital of the world. I was wrong, so wrong. It was fabulous! I met this guy who served me the sweetest piece of perch I’ve ever had. I also met this broad who signed a cookbook for me. We tasted some astonishingly delicious lamb curry. It made me weak in the knees.

With apologies to Julia Child
I bought a bushel of tomatoes on the way home yesterday, and made the most delicate and delicious marinara sauce. I like to put green peppers in mine, which isn’t the done thing I’m told, but it sure is yummy!

With apologies to my parents
I used to roll my eyes and sulk during family road trips, especially when my parents would say things like “Oh honey, just look at those beautiful fall colours.” What losers, I thought. Well, Mr. Crabby and I spent a lot of our drive home talking about the beautiful fall colours. While our two distressed cats sobbed incessantly in the backseat, we’d point out the best ones to each other – “There’s a really red one. Look honey!” Sorry mom, sorry dad. You were role models, not losers.