Wednesday, October 29, 2003

inspired by Radmilla...
Maybe This Brand Is Better

This will become a regular feature at Crabby Says: consumer reports and ratings of recently-tested products that I got sucked into buying. Anything can sway me to buy a different brand or product that I haven't used before: fancy packaging, pretty scents, believable advertising... but not every foray into uncharted waters, or in this case shampoos, meets with the Crabby stamp of approval.

Today's example: Fructus "Greasy Roots/Dry Ends" Shampoo.

What Swayed Me: The hope that this will solve my "greasy roots/dry ends" dilemma. I love the chatreuse green bottle.
Initial Reaction: Smells like, um, candy, I think. Can't place it. Don't like it.
Initial Results: Can't take me into day two. Must still shampoo every day. The hell with that.
Lasting Impression: The spout got gucky after one week.
Overall Rating: C

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

And the award for best example of "Not Taking Life Too Seriously" goes to..... The Rock Paper Scissors 2003 International World Championships.

Is that geeky enough for ya, Kim?!

In other news... it's time for the annual Umbra Factory Sale!

Monday, October 27, 2003

Latest Waste of Money
I bought some Rimmel mascara on Saturday, because it has a comb, rather than a brush. No more clumping, I thought. Ha. This comb desposited about a tablespoon of mascara on my eyelashes, which collapsed under the weight of all that muck. The wonder comb couldn't handle it, and I had to tissue most of it off, resulting in a "I just dipped my face in a tar pond" look. There are two lessons to be learned here: don't believe everything you see on TV, and don't apply mascara when under the influence of migraine medication.

What little mascara remained on my lashes flaked onto my cheeks throughout the day. There's eight dollars I'll never see again.