Friday, January 23, 2004

Bad Things Happen When I'm Forced, Yes Forced, to use Excel
My assistant is working on something mightily pressing this morning, and it's my own fault so I didn't dare ask her to make a spreadsheet for me. I can handle this myself. Yeah right. Two hundred pages spit from the printer (so much for our nonprofit status), I hollered out loud "Bloody Bloody Bloody Hell," (breaking our no-cussing-in-the-workplace rule), tipped over my tea cup, and somehow lost the document AND crashed my computer at the same time.

This can only be resolved by a indulging in a steaming bowl of beef pho, and by purchasing a new outfit. Off I go.

I just realized that I didn't tip the woman who trimmed my hair on Wednesday. She's probably had a hate on for me for two days now. I can just feel the bad karma flowing my way.

What's the most recent dumb-ass thing you've done? Come on. Make Crabby feel better.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

I have nothing to say, but I promised to post more often...

This week I've been trapped in a dark, scary, Dilbert hell. I've had at least two meetings everyday, and today, in ten minutes, we launch into an all-day meeting (at least lunch is provided!). Many of those meetings have required pre-meetings. This drives me insane. No work is getting done, and I'm trapped in a cycle of making changes to changes and revising revisions.

"Why are you leaving for work so early?" asked Mr. Crabby this morning. "Because I couldn't stay late last night," was my answer.

"Do you hear yourself?" he said.

We have some Dilbert comic books in the loo at home; they aren't funny anymore.

Also at home... a pile of kitty puke every evening by the front door. Nothing serious, she's not sick. She's just a puker.

But... there's good stuff ahead, if I can just hold out for a few days. It's the Year of the Monkey! It's my year. I'm meeting friends in Chinatown on Sunday for a long-overdue appointment with some dumplings. On Saturday, Icy's having a party.

These thoughts will help me endure the rest of this day. I hope lunch is good...