Wednesday, February 04, 2004

"Cold enough for ya?"
A colleague told me this morning that of all the countries in which she has lived, Canada is the only one where the weather is a constant topic of conversation among its citizens.

It's for good reason, too. Southwestern Ontario and southwestern British Columbia have a semblance of a moderate climate (I know this because I've lived there), but the rest of us are pretty much victimized by our weather. In Toronto, where I live now, summers are unbearably humid (and Ottawa, where I used to live, is worse). Winters across this country are uncivilized, particularly in Winnipeg, and Montreal, where I also once lived. Only in Canada do people become ridiculously excited by the smell of melting dog shit in May (or April if you're lucky).

I went camping near Kingston Ontario in late May of 1993. Our toothpast froze overnight. That's one of my favourite stories.

You have to be tough up here, let me tell you. That's why we snack on things called Beaver Tails and nuns' farts. That's why one of our most recognized national symbols is a Hudson's Bay wool blanket. That's why we play a lot of hockey. In fact, our nation's favourite coffee franchise was started up by a former scrappy hockey player.

So whaddaya think of this weather? Aren't ya just sickofit? Cold enough for ya? Hopin' for a warm spell? Dig yer car out yet?

Do you have what it takes?

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Hey Everybody,
Dooce's havin' a baby!

In other news, it's snowing again, our dryer is broken, my head is about to split wide open and spill onto my desk, and some annoying activist-type is walking back and forth in front of my office building shouting at the world.

But at least when I get home tonight, there will be one sparkling clean fridge waiting for me. I get around to cleaning it every three years, whether it needs it or not.