Sunday, December 14, 2003

The Crowning of Ice Queen
I bestowed my crappy plastic crown upon the Ice Queen on Saturday night. It looked beautiful on her. As always, she was garbed in black velvet and her de rigeur ten denier stockings, and the crown looked positively regal atop her holiday coiffeur. So regal, in fact, that nobody noticed the glue blobs, the missing jewels, or the elastic band that held it all together. I hope Boomer thinks it's worth it...

Consumer Crabby's Big Party
Mr. Crabby and I hosted a modest drinks party to celebrate our favourite time of year, and to show off our newly painted foyer/stairway. No more wallpaper! To get ready for our party, we went grocery shopping early early early, to avoid the crowds and to be sure that Loblaws hadn't sold out of egg nog already. I think I took leave of my senses. I overbought. At the time, it seemed appropriate that our less than a dozen guests would need five kinds of hot hors d'hoeuvres, two veggie platters, a pickle tray, and four trays of sweets. Oh, and an assortment of cheeses (Cheeses of Nazareth, natch, for the holidays). The pickle tray was a surprise hit (see, it's not just me), and the cheese was hit upon fairly well, but we have so much left over that we won't have to shop for weeks! Silly Crabby.

Sad Day for Saddam...
Sounds like they got him. Nasty pictures on CNN this morning (even fugitives should shave, says me). Press conference in two minutes.