Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I'm Back and I'm Crabby
I'm mostly a keep-to-myself kind of person... I have no need of strangers, am bored by idle chit chat, and think most people are somehow inferior. Yes, really I do. That's why I make a bad dog walker. What's with the Dog People? Just because there's a dog on a leash in front of me does not mean that you can talk to me. "Oh, your dog has hip displasia (sp?). I can just tell." Or, "You shouldn't let your dog jump up and bite you on the arm. You should train your dog better." And yesterday... "I'd come over and say hi to your dog but I'm in a rush." I have to be the welcome wagon lady just because we all have dogs? Now I was especially cranky last week, getting over food poisoning/bad bugness.... but really people. Have some dignity. Maybe I'll start talking back, instead of smiling tersely and ignoring them: "Has your dog always been fat?" "Got dressed in the dark this morning?" That'll teach 'em.

Google Searches, and the End of Polite Society
When asked recently by Ice Queen if I google ex-boyfriends, I answered an enthusiastic "yes, always". That raised a suspicious eye brow here at home. The Hubby doesn't understand why anyone would do that. I explained that my snooping transcends old romances - I google former employees/bosses, school mates, family members, and friends - one of whom has a penchant for writing letters to city council, it seems (go to last paragraph)! Google searches on The Hubby come up empty, which could be both a good and a bad thing.

Unfortunately, I rely on google searches far too often. Google has replaced conversation and dumped dust on my dictionary. They said the computer would be the end of us, and they were right - whoever "they" are. That's a conversation for another day - "them". My point is, in the olden days, one would phone up and say "Hi, I don't know if you remember me, but I used to date your son and I'm wondering where he is these days." Now it's all secret and sneaky and anonymous, and oh so fun - except when you come up empty handed. Google does it all for me. I never need to talk to anyone ever again.