Wednesday, October 29, 2003

inspired by Radmilla...
Maybe This Brand Is Better

This will become a regular feature at Crabby Says: consumer reports and ratings of recently-tested products that I got sucked into buying. Anything can sway me to buy a different brand or product that I haven't used before: fancy packaging, pretty scents, believable advertising... but not every foray into uncharted waters, or in this case shampoos, meets with the Crabby stamp of approval.

Today's example: Fructus "Greasy Roots/Dry Ends" Shampoo.

What Swayed Me: The hope that this will solve my "greasy roots/dry ends" dilemma. I love the chatreuse green bottle.
Initial Reaction: Smells like, um, candy, I think. Can't place it. Don't like it.
Initial Results: Can't take me into day two. Must still shampoo every day. The hell with that.
Lasting Impression: The spout got gucky after one week.
Overall Rating: C