Sunday, July 06, 2003

It's a Mad, Mad, World
This year's Human Development Index, part of the U.N.'s Human Development Report 2003, ranks Canada as the 8th best country in the world in terms of living conditions. This article, written by some idiot I'd like to have a word with, states that "US, Australia, even (my emphasis) Belguim" are better places to live than Canada.

I've been to Belguim. It's glorious. I could only stay three days, but fell in love immediately, as I often do. Every place I visited - even downtown Brussels, smelled bakery-fresh, or like new grass (the kind under your feet). Their social systems far outpace what's left of Canada's pillaged structure, and their cultural battles are much hipper than our tired "oui ou non" issue. "Even Belguim". That's like saying "Even Scaramouche is better than McDonalds." Sheesh.

So how did this happen? Just over a decade ago, Canada ranked #1 in the world. Yay us! Now we are ranked 8th. Is that Chretien's legacy? "Hey, at least we beat Sierra Leone." Way to go, pal.