Thursday, November 06, 2003

Buy a Poppy for Pappy. It's a Good Thing

"It is symbolic of everything that Canada stands for -- for our freedoms... The poppy is our way of thanking the veterans for the privilege of living here and everything that we enjoy in Canada."
= Mary Ann Burdett, chairwoman of the Royal Canadian Legion’s poppy campaign

Shame, shame, shame on Pier 1 Imports, and any other company that evicts poppy-selling veterans. "It's deplorable", says Burdett. "To turn their backs now, 50 years later, on the very people who gave them their freedom -- it's a disgrace."

And, if you catch anybody with a green-centred poppy, kindly tell them to unlock their wallets and squeeze out a loonie for one of this year’s black-centred ones.