Monday, January 26, 2004

I love a good awards show.

"I don't watch very much television," my new friend told me on Sunday. A number of people have said this to me recently, in fact. Either everyone I know is too erudite for the warm, comforting glow of the TV, or they lie like rugs. Is TV out of fashion? I hope not. I love television. I watch a lot of it. I confess to loving the Idol franchise, American or Canadian. I'm still addicted to Survivor, while growing increasingly bored with it at the same time. The second thing I do each morning is turn the dial (now that is old fashioned) to CNN. I'll watch just about anything on A&E or on HGTV. And, I'm a sucker for awards shows. There. I've finally confessed. It's out there. I like awards shows.

Last night I watched the Golden Globes. That's my favourite awards show, because a) it is free of the interpretive dance crap that lengthens the Oscars, and b) no Joan Rivers. With the exception of suddenly frumpy Meryl Streep and bedraggled, hobbitish Peter Jackson, everyone looked absolutely breathtaking last night. Many acceptance speeches were thoughtful, humble, and sweet. It was a great show.

Some people cannot resist the temptation of chocolate. Put a starlet in an elegant gown with a statue in front of me, and I'm a goner.