Saturday, November 22, 2003

Maybe This Brand is Better
Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Bare Perfection Makeup, SPF 8

What Swayed Me: As always, I bought this product because it was Bonus Time at the Elizabeth Arden counter. Usually I buy only Clinique products, but their foundation sucks.
Initial Reaction: "I'm so gald I bought this during Bonus Time. Hey, this stuff is gooooooood!"
Initial Results: Doesn't have that "smells like SPF" factor that many cosmetics have. It disappeared right after I put it on, leaving me with the most beautiful skin I have ever had. Yes! The most beautiful skin I have ever had!
Lasting Impression: Bonus Time or not, I'm going back for more.
Overall Rating: A

I also purchased Elizabeth Arden Eye-Fix Primer

What Swayed Me: The makeup didn't cost enough to entitle me to a bonus gift, and bloody hell, I wanted that gift. Spend $29 or more... but everything costs $27, so you have to buy TWO THINGS!
Initial Reaction: Yeah, sure, I'll try anything to keep my eyeshadow from creasing within the hour. This is why I never wear eyeshadow.
Initial Results: Feels nice going on, not greasy, no scent.
Lasting Impression: Eyeshadow lasted past lunchtime. This has never happened to me. Now I can wear eyeshadow!
Overall Rating: A

The gift-with-purchase included, among other things, an "Exceptional Lipstick" in Autumn. It smells nice, it's a gorgeous colour, and it lasts.