Friday, February 13, 2004

Lobster Fest Chez Crab

Over the next few days I'm sure to be hearing about everybody's super romantic St. Valentine's Day celebrations - so I want to weigh in first. Unfortunately, Mr. Crabby has to work Saturday night, and I expected that we'd just skip it this year - that I'd curl up with a movie, some dry lettuce and a glass of water. Wrong. We celebrated last night, much to my surprise. And Kevin and his trumpet were nowhere to be found.

He teased me all throughout the day that we'd be having something special for dinner. I thought this meant that he'd found a new recipe to try during his day off. Wrong again. There was a boatload of shrimp. There were three lobsters. There was a bathtub of garlic butter. And there were one dozen roses to keep me company on Saturday night.

You gotta love a schemer!